What is Digital Scholarship at Brown?

Digital Scholarship at Brown is a Domain of One’s Own initiative provided by Reclaim Hosting. Domain of One’s Own is used by many colleges and universities to provide a versatile web environment for students and researchers that is still associated with Brown University. Users of Digital Scholarship at Brown can install supported software as needed, and can invite colleagues to collaborate. Because Digital Scholarship Domains are part of the Reclaim Hosting hosting service, it is easy to convert to an individually owned domain when the you leave Brown.

Digital Scholarship at Brown is primarily a LAMP stack server. It runs the Linux operating system and provides an Apache web server. In addition to choosing from a large variety of managed open source software, you can also install mySQL databases and database management software.

What Applications Can I Install?

When you log into Digital Scholarship at Brown you will have access to your cPanel, which allows you to install one or more applications by clicking on them. The cPanel you see has been edited to show only applications that are most likely to be useful to Brown users. If you are interested in using an application that is not available on your cPanel, you can get in touch with cds_info@brown.edu to see if it’s possible to allow installation. The cPanel applications are managed by piece of software called Installatron. You can see the full list of applications available here.

Can I use the Command Line?

Digital Scholarship at Brown is a managed server, and it is not possible to install and run everything at all. If you need a raw server, you may need to use a different service such as Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean. There are two way to access the command line and the server directly on Digital Scholarship at Brown. For simple uploads and file manipulation, you can use the cPanel File Manager. If you want to use ssh and sftp, you will have to set up a public key to allow secure login. More information on this is available in the documentation.

What Can’t I Do?

Most importantly, you have to abide by the Guidelines for Use. There are also some restrictions to what you can install and run on your Digital Scholarship at Brown domain. It is not currently possible to run Node or other servers, or to use Docker containers. Reclaim Hosting is piloting Reclaim Cloud,  a containerized environment that goes beyond what the cPanel environment of Domain of One’s Own.